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The Next Generation  Drywall Finishing Product
A fast setting multi-purpose drywall joint compound
To fill joints in two coats without or if preferred combined with Fibreglass tape.
Up to a 40% Savings in Labor
*** Vario Introduced to the United States June 2007 ***Vario in Theatre/Auditorium UNCG Greensboro, NC  Featured in Architectual Magazine Sept 2008 *** June 6th 2008 Rajala & Sons Finishes Thank You so much for introducing Vario Compound to our company! Vario goes in all our trucks. ***  Vario being tested at All American Homes Inc. in Decatur Ind. *** Case Construction Inc.Flint Mich."We have had Vario Tapeless Joint Compound  in a basement remodel for over a year now and haven't received a call back"*** Check Out The Video of Demo done at Tulsa Drywall Under Contact-Oklahoma***Vario Reaches into Canada*Gibson's Finest Contracting Ltd. forms TDS Inc to sign up with EDP as Distributor/Supplier Canada***
• As per finish L3 = 2 coats Bed and finish 
• Comes in various package sizes
• Patch Holes
• Repair Cracks in Drywall and Plaster
• Soffits
• Excellent for paperless jobs
• Easy application 2 coats, sand and paint in 3 hours
Euro Drywall Products Inc.  is the North American Distributor of the
German product  ‘’Vario’’ (fugenspachtel) Tapeless Joint Compound
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[Gibsons Contracting Vario Letter]
Supplying a finish material to enable the customer to succeed in the face of ever increasing competition and constant change.
Vario Multi-Purpose Joint Compound contains a proprietary mix of polymer additives. Ordinary compounds contain mostly gypsum products with very little tensile strength, which is why tape is needed to bridge joints. The polymers in Vario give it the necessary tensile strength to bridge joints securely without tape.
Vario is a "fast setting" mud, which sets quickly by chemical reaction, rather than air drying. As soon as your first coat has taken an initial set, scrape any high spots with your knife and apply a second coat. Since the mud is setting rather than air drying, the second coat won't slow the setting of the first coat.
Depending on set time, temperature and humidity, Vario can be ready for sanding and painting in as little as three hours.
Vario Fugenspachtel Multi-Purpose Drywall Compound
[Gabriele Medley-Harry, LEED AP BD+C]
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