Why ArisingKerala

  • One’s voice against Corruption.
  • Empowerment of common people.
  • Kerala Government’s initiative to bring more transparency in Governance system.
  • Ease the process of reporting corruption.

How ArisingKerala

  • Public Platform for reporting corruption.
  • Readily available proofs for all reported cases.
  • Networks the Media Reporters.
  • Networks the Administrative officers of the Kerala Governance System.
  • Public Reach - reported cases are posted in social media, emails triggered to the users.

ArisingKerala Effect

  • Bringing Transparency in Governance System
  • Public Awareness through the Social Media, Mass Media and Word of Mouth.
  • Abiding to the Preamble of Constitution of India’s statement of EQUALITY to all.
  • An Empowered Society.

Where do the evils like corruption arise from? It comes from the never-ending greed.
The fight for corruption-free ethical society will have to be
fought against this greed and replace it with 'what can I give' spirit.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam


Development of a Society/Country is based on its progress in Economic, Political, Social and Technological advancements. Corruption in these core areas curtails development of the society irrespective of the best efforts put in. Cornering it isn’t a one man game, it requires the effort from all the forces available in the society and should be a steady process.

If one needs to pay bribe or do a favour to get their basic privileges, this weakens the common people’s trust and faith in the Judiciary and Governance system. As time passes and if this keeps elevating, the significance of a democratic country is lost.

Corruption is always been the talk of the town and to stop it we have witnessed various movement and displays including India Against Corruption (IAC) Movement - 2011. These activists fought and highlighted the areas which needed attention . still there is lot to be conquered to abolish the corrupt system.

To get this controlled, the Vigilance and Anti-Corruption department, (517) 654-6268 came up with the idea of ArisingKerala - your voice against corruption. An interactive creative anticorruption action system, platform where people could report unethical events, based on the truthfulness of the event, this would be send for further investigations, through the social media channels the current status of the case is highlighted to the public. The idea has been tailored into an application by PIT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The force behind ArisingKerala is a corruption free society for the future Kerala with equality to all irrespective of your caste, race, status and hierarchy. It aims to provide a notice of all that the public is vigilant about their surroundings. It’s also a stage to appreciate those officers/leaders who work for the betterment of the society. They are portrayed as role models for others and appreciated for their works.

An alert for the defaulters to turn away from their corrupt path, before they encounter the public rage.

About ArisingKerala

With the increased smartphone users’ level, ArisingKerala application aims to reach to the maximum of the users. This platform aims to bring up all the corruption cases to public view, irrespective of the hierarchy. Any unethical happening can be posted irrespective of the people involved in it but with the proofs, as this provides the base for the proceedings. User-friendliness of the system, enables even a layman to use the application without any hiccups.

ArisingKerala, a forum to expose the corrupt to deviate from their current work path. This is a community which includes the common people, media personnel’s, Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Department, Government of Kerala officials and other higher authorities.

How it works

ArisingKerala application can be downloaded from the Mobile store in ones smartphone. Only registered users can post an event, based on its truthfulness it’s posted in the public forum. ‘Solutions’ is an option available to all the users to provide their view/recommendations to solve a particular problem reported. The post and the details are spread across via the linked social media and the media channels. Media Reporters can have the privilege to add related news to the event. The inclusion of the Vigilance and Anti-Corruption department helps them to identify the loopholes in the system.

Simple Registration

Register yourself by simply providing your telephone number and the OTP is send to it and for email notifications a valid Email ID too.

Create a Post

With a click on the New Post option and submit your post by just specifying the basic details and upload proof(s)/attachment(s).

Notify Public

Approved posts notified via auto-triggered emails to the Users and Kerala Vigilance and Anti-corruption department and simultaneously in the linked social media sites.

Android phone

Share a Post

Users can share a post via social media sites or email with others and spread the post.

Provide Solution

Recommendations/Suggestions/Views from the public for resolving the issue and eradicating it from the system.

Media Reporting

Network of Media reporters, they add the related news against the reported issue, essential element of the public.

Download ArisingKerala